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Scope of Business

Residential Equipment

  • Gas tankless water heaters
  • ECOWILL (co-generation system)
  • Gas tankless water heater with bath re-heating
  • Gas powered generators
  • Gas tankless water heater with home heating
  • Bathroom dryers and heaters
  • Bath re-heating unit
  • Room heaters
  • Hot water home heating system
  • Water dispensers
  • SOLAJU / SOLAMO (solar hot water system)

Electric and Electronic Product

  • Electronic control devices
  • Industrial equipment control devices
  • Medical equipment control devices
  • Graphics unit
  • Engine control devices
  • Power controllers

Information System Product

  • LPG suppliers total management system
  • "Cloud AZ Tower"
  • Factory management control system
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) system
  • "AquaWing" water home delivery system

Industrial Equipment

  • Electric dryer food waste processor
  • Vacuum resin dryer

Regenerative Medicine

  • Purpose BioPower processor (pressurizing circulation culture device)