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1940, 50, 60
1946 Founded Takagi Machinery Co.
1952 Established Takagi Machinery Co., Ltd.
1956 Built a head factory at the current location and started R&D of gas and kitchen appliances
1957 Launched single-burner and double-burner table gas stoves with Purpose trademark
1962 Released a bath water boiler with automatic ignition
1968 Changed company name to Takagi Industrial Co., Ltd.
1970, 80, 90
1976 Developed a control equipment with built-in microprocessor
1980 Developed the industry's first water heater with proportional control gas valves for remote reheating
1990 Developed the industry's first water heater with water temperature control function & commercial multi-system water heater
1996 Certified for ISO9001
2000, 10
2000 Started development & sales of a condensing water heater "ECO JOZU" with home heating
2006 Developed an articular cartilage regeneration culture device by joint research with Harvard University
2008 Developed a high quality water dispenser
2010 Established a joint venture company "TAKAGI - A.O. Smith Tankless Water Heater Company LLC"
2011 Changed the company name to PURPOSE CO., LTD.
2012 Completed construction and started operation of Hawk Hill Factory
2013 Completed expansion of Fujinomiya factory and started operation of Eco-Best Farm