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Message from President

Our goal is to realize a future that achieves both eco-friendliness and smiles based on our slogan, "Turning inspiration into smiles."
We'll continue providing products and services that will bring happiness to everyone through our ability to think outside the box, staying one step ahead in our inspiration.
That’s why we launched our P3 Plan to allow us to continue for over a hundred years. 

The P3 Plan is a nine-year business plan that sets goals every three years and executes them. In the first three years, the company not only developed new products such as the Harmony Series and ECOWILL, but we also expanded overseas, developed a new corporate brand, and began operating Eco Best Farm and Hawk Hill Factory.

As a BCP in preparation for the Tokai Earthquake, expected to strike in the near future, the company will strive further to streamline production at factories in order to make condensing water heaters, ECO JOZU the de facto standard.

Moving forward, we'll develop water dispensers, emergency gas generators, equipment for regenerative medicine, and other products, and strive to foster human resources.

President Hiromi Takagi

Hiromi Takagi